​​​​​​​​​"Where EVERY project is a work of ART" 

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Fine Art & Metal Design

Structural Steel & Installation

                               ABOUT US

Joe Hernandez- President / Certified 6G Multi-Craft

At the ripe age of 18, Joe began working in a welding shop.

He mastered the technicalities of modern day fabrication

and construction, but his artistic side sensed there was

something more. The possibility of creating something from

nothing was fascinating to him. Joe began treating every project

as a work of art, ensuring precision and excellence throughout.

On his breaks, he would use left over metal pieces to create eccentric works of art. Everything Joe makes is one of a kind. He prides himself in the art of welding and fabrication giving the utmost attention to detail on everything he does. Southern Custom Iron & Art wishes to fulfill their mission which is " to fabricate and install various metal products integrating beauty and functionality." So whether your product includes installation of emergent industrial / commercial structures or custom designed art creations to enhance your home or business, make sure your project is in the right hands. 

Ashleigh Hernandez- Vice President/ Marketing & Sales

Ashleigh has always had a passion for leading and 

developing people. She saw a spark and a potential

in Joe that she knew, if cultivated, could produce great

rewards not only for them, but for the community as well.

Ashleigh encouraged Joe to fulfill his dreams of owning

and operating a metal works organization to include

industrial metal works and art, a foreign concept to most, but not them. As a mother of three, Ashleigh works hard to balance her career life with her family. With a Masters Degree in Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Ashleigh is applying what she has learned to creating a highly productive organization. " I believe in Joe and what he can do, I know he can make a difference in the lives of the people in our community and beyond."